The people behind Lateral Research

Lateral Research and Planning is a boutique market research consultancy that strives to collaborate and share ideas and solutions with organisations and its customers to create change. Our consultative approach enables us to uncover true challenges and deliver valuable perspectives to support your future market planning, communications development, market research design, data collection analysis, and reporting.

Lateral Research also offers tailored training programs to allow your Management and teams to up-skill and provide insights to successfully optimise the effectiveness of the research programs implemented in your business. This knowledge will enable you to gain valuable skills to maximise research outcomes and assist with the consolidation of your organisation's competitive advantage, support product development and grow your market share.

Our brand name was inspired by the guru in creative thinking, Edward De Bono, who coined the term ‘lateral thinking’. By thinking outside the square, we aim to deliver fresh and inspiring insights to help create change within your organisation through creative and strategic leaps in collaborative thinking.

We are passionate about linking customers and organisations utilising leading Qualitative research methods to create the desired outcomes for clients.

Nick Kotsomitis

Founder & Principal Consultant

Nick is a passionate advocate of building strong, sustainable communities and brands. Over the past twenty years he has helped to build the profiles of a large range of communities including AIM, ACON and Macleay College. He has worked with countless marketing specialists and academics together with the industry leaders in market and social research promoting the value and benefits of such research. Nick has worked as strategic planner within communication agencies in Australia and the United Kingdom. He lectures in Market Research.

His clients have included major fast moving goods firms, property development, manufacturing, healthcare and community based organisations.

Nick is a full member of the Australian Market and Social Research Society where he has been awarded Qualified Practising Market Researcher status (QPMR) in recognition of his expertise in both qualitative and quantitative research methodologies. He has a Bachelor of Business (Economics/Marketing) from Swinburne University of Technology, and is Cert IV accredited in Training and Assessment.

Eva Ladas-Meyer

Senior Research Consultant

Eva has over 25 years of market research experience, with a strong background in both qualitative and quantitative arenas.  Although originally trained as an all-round researcher, she has a more natural leaning towards qualitative research, satisfying her innate curiosity as to why people do what they do. Her experience encompasses diverse industries such as FMCG, social, not-for-profit, retail, property, publishing, e-commerce, financial, healthcare, transport, government and corporate service sectors. Eva's particular strengths are in insights generation, brand strategy and positioning, advertising and communications, new product development, customer experience and community consultation. 

Stephen Kemp

Consumer Research & Insights Specialist

Stephen is a high calibre researcher who has led and influenced a diverse range of research initiatives, enabling companies to improve their products, services and communications, and ultimately fuel growth. This has been achieved over 18 years in London and Sydney, both as a Consultant with leading research providers and as a senior in-house Research/Insights Manager.

Stephen has led the consumer/customer insights function at AMP and more recently for five years with the property group Stockland. At Stockland he worked in the residential property business area utilising research to help inform product, sales and marketing strategies.